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Include making music, creating anything visual, and chasing my kids around the house.  Hug-Monster is our favorite game! Constantly learning new techniques with my hobbies helps, better yet, forces me stay on top of trends.


My experience is vast, but life is a journey in which one should never stop learning.  And being a baby fresh UX designer means I get to grow a lot.  It's very exciting!


A visual creature with an unquenchable palate for curiosity, and I believe I can learn virtually anything, so long as I put in the effort.  Fonts, film, motion & music, I've had a hand in all of them.


Being a Visual Effects Supervisor in studio and on set has helped my creative eye, on the fly.  In addition, as a Graphics Artist & Designer I've created hundreds of motion graphics (for WGN America - News Nation) developing the ability to put out high quality design and animation in short-hourly, even minute-long "time crunches"

I've filled the role of artist on projects for clients such as Chicago Bulls, Nike and Monkey Paw Productions.  I even helped  s'plode some stuff up on Chicago PD .  All culminating to a high standard of work.


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