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A quick blurp about me...

Loving and doing all things creative, I've had a hand in nearly all disciplines of film and media production in the digital age. From Sound engineering to VFX, and even UX Design, I've made my mark countless ways. This may have you saying, "Wow, this guy is all over the place."  I'll borrow the words of Dwight Schrute when I say, emphatically, "False." (wink!)


I'm an extremely focused individual who understands how to manage teams, follow leaders, meet deadlines, and create stellar imagery while keeping the entire production pipeline in mind. My experience has led me to where I am, and I am grateful to have it and share the 'fruits of my labor' with you.


Please enjoy my work!

"Here's the thing, Ronnie is good at a lot of things - like  a 'Jack of All Trades'. But where most people who are like that are just okay, he's really really good at all of them."

-Alan Cruz

Technical Lead Manager | Procedural Content Team - Cruise

"Hahaha!  This is gold!" (regarding Chick-a-Pella Teaser)

-Colin Joyce

Senior 3D Artist - Level Ex


"Every time I put Ronnie on a team, there was a big sigh of relief from them."

-Rachel Truitt

Senior Instructor - General Assembly



3D & CGI

If you'd like to check out my UX/UI Designs, click here, or on my logo in the footer.  You can always get back here by clicking the buttons in my about page.

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