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I've been a busy bee, so you'll have to excuse my lack of case studies - which I am currently working on.  These sites are live though, and I'm happy to answer any questions regarding my design process.

Lost Sheep Sounds

Strategy, branding, design & development for a music portfolio with licensing options.

Labyrinth Visual

Strategy, branding, design & development for a 3D studio providing a multitude of services.


I elevate branding, and design responsive websites that bridge the gap between affordability and premium results.

Hey! I'm Ronnie


As a Designer & Creative

I'm constantly looking for ways to expand my tool set, leverage my experience (in film) on any given project, as well as leverage new technology to increase productivity and stay on top of trends.  If I'm not growing, both personally and professionally, I'm not happy.  I'm unabashed about who I am and what is important to me, that includes my work, and I believe it shows through.

Veterans Outreach of Illinois

Strategy, Branding, & Design for a non-profit serving homeless veterans.

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